Girbau Industrial Washers & Dryers

Among the most flexible laundering solutions available, Girbau Industrial’s Continuous Batch Washing System delivers unrivaled productivity, energy-efficiency, programmability and results. Configurable to meet the laundering and volume needs of medium- to large-volume laundry operations, the Continuous Batch Washing System—in place across the globe—processes up to 3,000 pounds of laundry per hour using less labor, water and energy.

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Designed to drive down water, electrical and gas costs while improving productivity, HS-Series High-Performance Washer-Extractors deliver high-speed extract, an easy-to-install freestanding design, unmatched durabilty and the ultimate in programmability! HS-Series commercial washers deliver more performance using less labor, natural resources and chemicals. The HS-Series front-load washer is available in 130-, 190- & 255-pound capacity models.

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Open Pocket Dryers

The GT-Series commercial dryers are designed with quality internal components, easy-to-use controls and a multitude of features that dramatically increase laundry production and energy-efficiency. Properly balanced airflow, heat input and basket volume allows maximum production when matched with HS-Series Washer-Extractors.



Girbau Industrial Dryers—the ST1302 and ST2700 — are arguably the world’s most productive, durable and efficient dryers. Engineered with unique technologies and designed for heightened ergonomics, programmability and safety, they perfectly fit the needs of medium- to high-volume laundries. Offering 140- and 300-pound capacities to properly dry all types of laundry, Girbau Industrial Dryers are available in gas, thermal fluid and steam.

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