spr50 p


Designed to press laundry batches processed in any type of batch washer, the SPR-50 Press optimizes subsequent drying and ironing—making them less time-consuming and more efficient. The press forms a round “cake” of laundry with a flat base. With high-capacity drainage facilities, water is extracted quickly and gently from all types of linen. The SPR-50 single-stage press is available in three different positioning options at the batch washer outlet: in-line, turns to the right, or turns to the left. The SPR-50 water extraction press is durably constructed and factory tested for problem-free installation.

Capacity (dryweight load) lbs. (kg.) 110 (50)
Cake diameter in. (mm.) 39.4 (1000)
net Weight lbs. (kg.) 26455.5 (12000)
Crated Weight lbs. (kg.) 26896.4 (12200)
Machine Dimensions (WxDxH) in. (mm.) 72.1 x 81.3 x 134.6

(1831 x 2065 x 3418)

pressure range bar 1-40
Maximum Pressure bar (PSI) 40 (508)
minimum Cycle Time seconds 90 (at 27 bar)
nominal Cycle Time seconds 100 (at 40 bar)
drain diameter in. (mm.) 5.1 (130)
Water Cooling Connection in. (mm.) 1/2 (14)
Water Cooling Flow cfm (m3/h) 1.75 (3)
Water Cooling pressure PSI (bar) 43.5-174 (3-12)
Compressed air Connection in.(mm.) 1/2 (14)
Compressed air Flow gal/min (l/min) 14.3 (52.8)
electrical power H.P. (kW) 22.8 (17)
available voltages 220-480/50/3



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