Enhance North Carolina’s Hotel Cleanliness Standards with Industry-Leading Hotel Laundry Equipment

Amid rising hotel occupancy rates and heightened sanitation demands, partnering with leading suppliers of laundry equipment for hotels in North Carolina is vital.

Since July 2021, hotel occupancy rates have rebounded from pandemic lows. According to STR, a premier benchmarking firm, weekly hotel occupancy rates in the United States have surged, surpassing levels not seen since October 2019. This analysis spans 68,000 properties and 9.1 million rooms globally. While promising for the hospitality sector, this surge necessitates an upgrade in cleanliness standards.

Adjustments in food safety, housekeeping, and guest procedures are crucial to meet these standards. Upgrading your hotel laundry equipment strategically is essential to ensure compliance with current trends and expectations for hygiene.

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Updating Laundry Machinery to Meet Elevated Sanitization Criteria

Studies reveal that different types of bacteria can linger on bed linens and towels for prolonged periods. Unlike household bedding, which is typically replaced every one to two weeks, hotel linens and towels may encounter 6-7 different guests each week.

To address this issue, leading hotel chains are introducing accreditation initiatives. These initiatives focus specifically on cleaning, disinfection, and disease prevention to enhance safety standards for guests during their visits.

A Dependable Laundry System is An Essential Element for Maintaining Clean Accommodations

The updated protocols involve a range of tactics, such as employing "hospital-grade" disinfectants in public areas and guest rooms, along with more frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces. However, it's essential to recognize that effective cleanliness and safety can be achieved without relying solely on harsh chemicals.

Although bleach is often associated with cleanliness, there are preferable alternatives. 

Despite its effectiveness, bleach can cause lasting damage to bedding and bathroom towels. Moreover, when used in large amounts, it presents safety hazards in terms of handling and inhalation.

Thankfully, there are alternative methods available that are less harmful while still achieving effective cleaning and sanitization.

Introducing Ozone Laundry Systems for Effective Cleaning

Through collaboration with top hotel laundry equipment manufacturers, ArtiClean Ozone Laundry Systems emerges as a superior, cost-effective, and efficient sanitization solution. These ozone laundry treatments deliver exceptional effectiveness, guaranteeing safety, preventing laundry cross-contamination, and minimizing operational expenses.

How the Ozone Laundry System Works

AAdvantage utilizes the ArtiClean Ozone Laundry System, known for its 40-year legacy in institutional laundry and a decade of expertise in ozone laundry systems across various sectors.

This system purifies linens and towels by infusing ozone into cold water as it enters the washing machine's cycle, resulting in a 99.999% disinfection rate against bacteria, viruses, and germs, including the novel coronavirus.

Exceeding traditional bleach in sanitization, the system is more effective while preserving fabric quality. It extends fabric lifespan by eliminating harsh chemical treatments and reducing potential damage from hot water usage.

Additionally, the system prioritizes safety by producing no off-gas by-products. It enhances cost and energy efficiency by reducing gas and water consumption, shortening dryer times, and minimizing reliance on hot water, thereby improving staff comfort and lowering laundry room temperature.

Combine Ozone Laundry with Dexter Commercial Washing Machines for Optimal Sanitation

Partnering with Dexter, a renowned manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment, brings a fresh perspective to laundry management.

Dexter enhances the laundry process by incorporating cutting-edge technology and stringent quality checks into their lineup of OPL laundry machines, setting themselves apart in the industry with remarkable versatility.

Advantages of Dexter OPL Laundry Machines

Customize your Dexter OPL laundry machine to fit your laundry area's size or daily capacity. With adjustable capacity, diverse features, and two control options, Dexter's OPL lineup offers a wide selection for your needs.

Strict adherence to standards is crucial for industrial washers, and Dexter 6-cycle washers excel by reducing operational costs through enhanced water extraction per load. They provide multiple settings and configuration options for added flexibility.

Boost efficiency and aim for top quality with Dexter O-series machines. These customizable machines offer 20 stages and over 100 programming options for each cycle, ensuring tailored performance.

Models with additional heat settings and cycles are also available, offering optimal control and precision as required.

Establishing itself as an industry leader, Dexter's machines feature advanced elements like moisture detection systems and integrated reporting systems, ensuring cutting-edge performance.

Dependable Warranty and Lifetime Technical Assistance

Every Dexter washer comes with an extensive 10-year warranty covering all major components, along with a corresponding 5-year warranty for dryer components. Additionally, a 3-year warranty is provided to cover other parts. Unlimited technical support is readily available through both Dexter and AAdvantage.

AAdvantage Supports Your Hotel's Cleanliness Standards

For thorough cleanliness, go beyond the basics. Implement check-in/check-out protocols, train staff extensively, and install touchless platforms and specialized laundry equipment for hotels in North Carolina to eliminate bacteria and germs.

As an authorized Dexter distributor and ozone laundry expert, AAdvantage enhances your laundry operations' efficiency, cleanliness, and convenience. Let us elevate your sanitation program to meet guests' high expectations.

Contact us today to achieve your support and profitability goals while maintaining guest satisfaction.

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