On-Premise, Commercial Laundry Equipment for Nursing Homes

by AAdvantage Laundry Systems

Production is critical to hospital and nursing home laundries, as is washer programmability. These facilities clean a variety of items, including sheets, towels, blankets, gowns, bed pads and personals – all of which must be properly cleaned with the appropriate mix of chemicals, mechanical action, number or rinses, extract speed, water temperature and more

When you choose AAdvantage Laundry Systems' commercial laundry machines for long-term communities, you will have the reliable and efficient machines that you need!

Dexter Laundry Equipment for Nursing Homes

on-premise, commercial laundry equipment for nursing homes 1Our Dexter laundering machines are perfect for long-term treatment, retirement, memory care, and nursing care communities. Our all-inclusive commercial laundry leasing program called "CleanCare" includes applications for washers, dryers as well as ozone methods. Through this particular system, you can lease Dexter T-900 cleaning machines at the same time as T80 dryers on a cost-effective, monthly basis.

If you've limited space on the premises of yours, the stacked, 6-cycle, front-loading T450 SWD models are the best solution. With a number of choices readily available to satisfy your facility's needs, you are able to select from twenty, thirty, and fifty-pound capacities of professional laundry gear for nursing homes.




A Leasing Program Which Pays for Itself

We with AAdvantage lease extremely efficient Dexter machines which generally pay for themselves by conserving labor charges, power, and linen expenses. Our program workings are extremely straightforward:

  • We are going to deliver the commercial laundry equipment and we are able to dispose of your old equipment.
  • The price of setting up of the new device would just function as the lease fee of the last and first month.

The monthly equipment payments are entirely inclusive of the unit price, delivery costs, installation, and include preventative maintenance, usage service calls, labor and energy costs. With us, you never need to be worried about any fine print or hidden costs.

Advantages for Nursing Home Communities

on-premise, commercial laundry equipment for nursing homes 2Nursing home communities have considerable wash loads to manage every day, and these companies need robust, relaible, and efficient commercial laundry machines.  When you purchase Dexter washers and dryers from AAdvantage Laundry Systems you will receive the following benefits:

  • No huge capital expenditures
  • Low monthly lease rates
  • No costly repairs
  • Lower energy and water bills
  • Outstanding service
  • The lease is totally inclusive of all components and service
  • Tax incentives might also be readily available on leased equipment


We're the "AAdvantage"

AAdvantage Laundry Systems is the "AAdvantage"

  • AAdvantage leases high efficient machines that often pay the monthly fee by saving energy, linen, and labor costs.
  • These monthly equipment payments include the cost of the machine, freight, installation, preventative maintenance, mileage, service call, labor, parts, and fuel charges.
  • AAdvantage customers benefit from the tax incentives while fixing their facility costs.


When you are searching for a commercial laundry distributor with outstanding service as well as parts replacement, and an all-inclusive leasing program that takes the hassle from you and the team of yours, AAdvantage Laundry Systems "CleanCare," lease program is perfect for you.

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