Maytag Coin Card Laundry Washers


We’ve long had our minds on building washers and dryers that last and last. And while dependability still drives all we do, we’re delivering smartly engineered equipment that saves you more energy per load—while giving your customers a faster, friendlier, more convenient experience all around. Discover the variety of options our broad lineup offers you.

Maytag Commercial, What's inside matters
Maytag Coin and Card Laundry

From decreased cycle times to shorter drying times, Maytag coin/card equipment is smartly engineered to save more energy—helping you increase your bottom line. Our broad lineup of products delivers dependable performance that lasts and lasts. Check out the variety we offer to find the ideal machines for your store.

MAT20PRAWW Commercial Top-Load Washer, Card Reader-Ready or Non-Coin Operation

MAT20PDAGW Commercial Top-Load Washer, Coin Drop-Ready

MAT20CSAGW Commercial Top-Load Washer, Coin Slide-Ready

MAT20PDAXW – Commercial Top-Load Washer, Coin-Ready