Commercial electric super-capacity stack washer/dryer, coin drop-ready

MLE22PDAYW | White

The stack washer/dryer is engineered to give laundry facilities the power, efficiency, and durability they need to operate, day after day – all within the floor space of a washer alone. Designed and tested to run 15,000 cycles, with high extraction speeds up to 1,000 RPMs – the washer’s DuraCore Drive System provides an exceptional wash experience and helps cut drying time. Intelligent controls with M-Series Technology allows owners to easily program individual wash cycles for profitability and user experience. Pricing can be uniquely customized by independent cycles or time-of-day – creating more opportunity to generate revenue. Plus, flexible cycle options provide users with the ability to select cycles based on their specific wash needs. Built with TurboVent® Technology that optimizes drying performance, the super-capacity dryer helps laundry facilities cut utility costs and run with efficiency. Our stack washer/dryer is coin drop-ready, ENERGY STAR® qualified, and backed by Maytag brand’s comprehensive 7/5-year warranty.


Space Saving Configuration

All within the floor space of a single unit, the large capacity of the 3.1 cu.ft. washer, provides ample room for bulky items, while the extra-large, 6.7 cu.ft. dryer allows for loads to be dried effectively – delivering an optimal cleaning experience for end-users and maximizing facility productivity.

DuraCore Drive System

The advanced design of the machine includes the reliable DuraCore Drive System, designed and tested to run 15,000 cycles. A watertight, flexible triple-lip seal with a garter spring helps keep moisture away from the shaft, protecting our premium bearings – while our proven, durable shaft sleeve ,is designed to reduce shaft wear. These components, along with a die-cast trunnion, result in more turns over the life of the washer, and more options to boost the facility’s bottom line.

High-Speed Extraction

Extraction speeds up to 1,000 RPMs help pull water from the load, cutting drying time and increasing turns in both machines over their lives.

Turbovent® Dryer Technology

A high speed blower wheel optimizes performance in long vents, while high airflow reduces drying times for a wide variety of loads, increasing efficiency and turns over the life of the machine.

Intelligent Controls with M-Series Technology

Intelligent Controls with M-Series Technology help owners increase profitability, and provide flexibility to customers. These enhanced controls allow customized setup–each cycle and option can be priced individually or programmed for time-of-day pricing, maximizing revenue. Plus, customers have the ability to select a preferred cycle and option based on individual wash needs. Additional cycle modifiers, including hotter temperatures or additional rinses, can also be priced individually to further allow control over revenue.

7/5-Year Limited Warranty

Energy-Efficient Cleaning

ENERGY STAR® certified, and uses an average of 10.71 gallons of water per cycle, which helps reduce energy and water costs.

Advanced Spin Technology

Advanced Spin Technology helps deliver accurate cycle times and better performance for all load types. A six-point suspension features four dampers and two springs, providing better stability for the entire wash unit. An accelerometer takes an accurate reading of cabinet vibration and allows the washer to expand on final spin speed limits, optimizing extraction. Progressive spin logic creates consistent cycle performance by determining spin speeds ideal for each cycle and load type. And the pump routine helps reduce unbalanced loads through improved pump performance in the final spin.

Maytag Connect 360°™ Compatible

Delivers real-time machine diagnostics to any tablet, computer, or smartphone via our proprietary cloud-based system. Management and feedback features offer owners the ultimate in machine control from anywhere they have access to the Internet.

Multi-Level Pricing

To maximize revenue, owners have the ability to price each cycle independently. With the addition of the PowerWash® cycle customers can benefit from extra cleaning power with more agitation time, hotter water and extra rinses.

Time-of-Day Pricing

Controls offer the flexibility to program different vend pricing based on the day of the week and time of day. This allows owners to take full advantage of revenue-generating opportunities for their operation.

Cycle Modifiers

To boost profits even further, owners can charge for individual cycle modifiers. Add a rinse or modify water temperature for more revenue-generating opportunities.

Single-Payment System

A single-payment system streamlines the payment process for customers – creating, a simple, straightforward option. Compatible with an optional card reader for added flexibility.

PowerWash® Cycle

Providing more agitation, hotter water temperatures, and an extra rinse cycle, the PowerWash® Cycle helps end-users get the cleaning performance they expect on even their dirtiest loads.

Automatic Load Balancing

By sensing and automatically balancing a load, machines are able to work effectively and end on time, creating optimized cleaning cycles and constant turns, cycle after cycle.

TurboWash® System

High-efficiency technology delivers energy savings without sacrificing cleaning performance. Water is lifted from tub base through baffle holes, then showered through the load during agitation pattern.

Shaft Sleeve

Helps to eliminate drive shaft wear. The robust axial compression tube locks the two inner races of the premium NSK bearings ensuring they turn with the shaft, helping to prevent drive shaft wear.

Premium Bearings

Oversized premium NSK bearings are sealed for added protection enhancing longevity of drive system.


Shock-resistant, cast-metal trunnion provides additional strength to overall drive system and basket structure.

Six-Point Suspension

Provides better stability for entire wash unit as a result of four dampers and two springs.


If an unbalanced load is detected, enables machine to power through final spin by expanding the machine’s limits and allowing redistribution of load to occur.

Progressive Spin Logic

Delivers consistent cycle times by reallocating weight to complete spin out of unbalanced loads.

Pump Routine

Reduces unbalanced loads through improved pump performance.


The strategically-designed bellow helps keep small items from getting caught or snagged, ensuring all items get an equal clean.

Robust Hinge

This 180°, heavy-duty, die-cast door hinge is built to withstand the rigors of commercial laundry, while maintaining its integrity and aesthetics.

Durable Dispenser

The durable soap dispenser offers the end user convenient space to load detergent, and its sturdiness adds to the machine’s overall durability.

Front-Access Panel

The front-access panel minimizes downtime by providing fast entry to the motor, transmission, and wash tub for streamlined maintenance.

Triple-Lip Seal with Garter Spring

Provides a more effective seal, reducing potential moisture contamination. Addition of garter spring enhances spring support if any deflection occurs.

Porcelain-Enamel Top

The porcelain-enamel top is robust, boosting machine durability and aesthetics in high-use laundry environments.

Clothespin® App by Maytag Compatible

Customers can use their smartphones to pay for their laundry, and remotely check for available machines.

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