Looking for the Best Maytag Washer and Dryer Combo for Apartments?

Maytag and AAdvantage Laundry are your Trusted Commercial Laundry Solutions

For over 100 years, the Maytag name has stood for something as important today as it was back then: dependability. The company never strayed from its focus on better-built equipment with remarkable reliability day after day. When it comes to choosing the washer and dryer combo for apartments, Maytag’s vended product line is no exception.

Maytag has expanded its commercial laundry line to include a full range of user-friendly washers and dryers, recognizing that many businesses in this sector need low-cost solutions with resource saving features. The company also offers efficient energy management through an advanced lab where tests are conducted on new products before hitting shelves or floors!

Maytag Vended Washers for Apartments

You need reliable equipment that will last for years. And while dependability still drives all we do, our smartly engineered washers and dryers are saving you more energy per load—while giving your customers a faster experience with better convenience all around!

Maytag's diverse lineup of coin/card machines are designed to save you money while delivering a high level performance. Our equipment will have your business in good hands with an increased bottom line and quicker drying times! Check out our washer and dryer individual and combo units:

  • MAT20PRAWW - Commercial top-load washer, card reader-ready or non-coin operation with deep-water wash system
  • MAT20PDAGW - Commercial top-load washer, coin drop-ready with deep-water wash system
  • MAT20CSAGW - Commercial top-load washer, coin slide-ready with deep-water wash system
  • MAT20PDAXW - Commercial top-load washer, coin-ready with advanced spin technology
  • MHN33PDCW - Commercial front-load washer, coin-ready with advanced spin technology
  • Looking for a combo unit? Try the MLE22/MLG22 PR - commercial front load, stacked super-capacity stack washer/dryer, coin drop-ready.

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Maytag Vended Dryers for Apartments

best maytag commercial electric washer and dryer combo for apartmentsFrom decreased cycle times to shorter drying times, Maytag coin/card equipment is smartly engineered to save more energy—helping you increase your bottom line. Our broad lineup of products delivers dependable performance that lasts and lasts. Check out the variety we offer to find the ideal machines for your store.

Maytag's innovative and energy-efficient commercial washers and dryers are the perfect combinations. The company offers a wide range of products that will work for any facility to reduce cycle times or speed up drying processes while also cutting down costs with an efficient machine selection process! The product line is designed to save you time, money on your utility bills.

Check out our vended dryers for apartments:

  • MDE20CSAYW - Commercial electric super-capacity dryer, coin slide-ready
  • MDE20PDAYW - Commercial electric super-capacity dryer, coin drop with Extra-Large Reversible Door
  • MDE20PRAYW - Commercial electric super-capacity dryer, card reader-ready or non-coin
  • MDE28PDCGW - Commercial electric super-capacity dryer, coin drop-ready

Looking for a combo unit?

  • MLE22PDAYW - Commercial electric super-capacity stack washer/dryer, coin drop-ready
  • MLE27PDBYW - Commercial single load, super capacity stack dryer

Read more about the Maytag line of vended dryers for apartments here.

How Maytag and AAdvantage Help Your Business Become More Efficient?

At AAdvantage, we have helped clients install and maintain Maytag units across the region. We work with contractors, building owners, architects, and independent hotel owners to help with their laundry needs. We are here to assist you as you plan your ideal on-site laundry unit.

As a Maytag Authorized Distributor, we’re ready to help you improve your laundry’s efficiency and to support you whenever needed. Contact us today to learn more about best washer and dryer for apartments.

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