On-premise Commercial Laundry Equipment from Dexter for Hotels and Motels

The quality you need with cost savings you can take to the bank

on-premise commercial laundry equipment from dexter for hotels and motels

As a customer-centric industry, your brand is everything. Hospitality is a fast-paced environment requiring top-notch service and superior guest experiences. First impressions can make a difference between a five-star rating and a scathing review that causes a customer never to return. You can’t afford to have laundry that does not meet the level of cleanliness your guests expect.

Get commercial-grade laundry equipment that exceeds expectations

Make your guests more comfortable and your staff more efficient with industrial-strength solutions from Dexter. From sheets and towels to table linens and uniforms, get your laundry the cleanest it can be with Dexter’s high capacity, on-premise laundry equipment (OPL) to handle even your heaviest loads.

Dexter provides a full line of OPL laundry systems that feature industry-leading controls and technology. Create the perfect cycles for your laundry, knowing you are getting a quality product that will work for years to come.

Dexter has several revolutionary features to help you meet your needs

Dexter has the flexibility and product lines that can be scaled based on either volume of laundry you work with or the size of the facility available.

The on-premise product line features two control options, several features, and a wide selection of capacities to help find the perfect products to meet your laundry needs.

Dexter 6-Cycle Washers raise the bar for performance in an industrial washer. It features high-speed spin functions that extract more water per load, reducing drying costs and reducing overall operating costs. Several configurations are available.

Dexter O-Series machines expand productivity and quality with easy-to-use industry-specific settings, which include up to 100 programmable cycles and 20 programmable stages. Special cycles and heated models are available for applications where precision is critical.

  • The Dexter Moisture Detection System is a patented solution with wireless sensing technology that takes the guess-work out of drying. Each selected auto-dry cycle automatically ceases when the load is dry, increasing throughput and reducing linen wear.
  • The O-Series washing machines feature several key specs, including;
    • The capability to program 100 unique cycles with up to 20 distinct stages. Each stage is easily programmable with DexterLive.com.
    • Their 10-port chemical injection system also provides the flexibility and precision needed to handle your day-to-day laundry needs. Auto injection removes the need for adding chemicals manually, which reduces overuse and waste. It also ensures items are properly cleaned every time!
    • A simplistic interface with several language options, including English and Spanish, reduces the risk of misuse.
    • Total Control reporting can monitor laundry room productivity, track cycles, and even check downtime to ensure everything is running efficiently.

The O-Series dryers also integrate a fire response system that can sense when a laundry load is unpredictably increasing in temperature. There are even models that include fire-response solutions.

Dexter ensures every washer model is designed to withstand extreme testing of up to 1,000 hours, running at maximum extract levels with extreme out-of-balance loads. This is why Dexter can offer an industry-leading warranty covering the major components on their washers for ten years and dryers for five years. A three-year parts warranty covers the rest. Plus, with AAdvantage and Dexter, all products are backed with lifetime technical support.

Choosing the Best Commercial Laundry Equipment That is Right for Your Hotel

AAdvantage can help you determine your laundry operation size and evaluate which machines are the right fit for you. We’ll help select a machine for you based on the volume of wash done in a day, the number of hours the laundry room currently operates, employee turnover, and the amount of floor space. These together can influence the type and size of the on-premise hotel laundry equipment you need to be successful.

How Dexter and AAdvantage can make your facility more efficient

If you are looking for flexibility, Dexter can offer several models and has proven that flexibility and features don’t have to come with a sacrifice to profitability.

  • With extraction speeds from 100 to 400 Gs, Dexter washers can remove more water than most systems to reduce your drying time and gas costs substantially.
  • The sump-free design decreases water usage, and Dexter’s variable frequency drive controls electrical use. This allows cutting laundry utility costs by as much as 60%. Improve your bottom line and improve profits.
  • As mentioned above, the Dexter automatic chemical injection system can significantly save detergent costs by injecting only the right amount of chemicals.

AAdvantage Laundry System has successfully deployed hundreds of OPL systems at hotels across the region. We work with architects, hotel managers, contractors, major hotel groups, and independent hotel owners to add on-premise laundry solutions and assist you with all your laundry planning needs.

As a Dexter Authorized Distributor, AAdvantage can analyze how to make your laundry facility more efficient and provide consulting where needed. Contact our team to discover how we can help you meet the support and profitability goals you need with the quality your guests expect.

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