On-Premise, Commercial Laundry Equipment for Long Term Care Communities

by AAdvantage Laundry Systems

Linen replacement is one of the most significant expenses for long term care communities. It is also one of the most important thus you need a machine assuring items are cleaned properly and with the most efficient use of water as possible. Facilities also need to be concerned with space, monthly machine usage costs, and maintenance costs. When you opt for AAdvantage Laundry Systems' commercial laundry equipment for long term care communities, you are assured the efficiency and speed you need. Below are some details you need to know about our programs:

Dexter Laundry Machines for Long Term Care Communities

on-premise, commercial laundry equipment for long term care communities-21 1Our Dexter washing machines are ideal for long term care, memory care, retirement, and nursing care communities. Our all-inclusive laundry equipment leasing solution termed "CleanCare" includes programs for washers, dryers and ozone systems. Through this program, you can lease Dexter T900 washing machines as well as T80 dryers on a cost-effective, monthly basis.

If you have limited space on your premises, the stacked, 6-cycle, front-loading T450 SWD machines are the best solution. With a variety of options available to meet your facility’s demands, you can choose from 20 lbs, 30 lbs, & 50 lbs capacities of commercial laundry equipment for nursing homes.




A Leasing Program That Pays for Itself

We at AAdvantage lease highly efficient Dexter machines that typically pay for themselves by saving labor charges, energy, and linen costs.

Our program workings are very straightforward:

  • We will deliver your unit and remove your old existing unit.
  • The cost of installation of the new unit would only be the lease fee of the first and last month.

The monthly equipment payments are inclusive of the machine cost, freight, and installation, as well as mileage and preventative maintenance, labor, service call, and labor and fuel charges. With us, you never have to worry about any fine print or hidden fees.

Benefits for Long Term Care Use

on-premise, commercial laundry equipment for long term care communities-21 2Assisted living communities have significant wash loads to handle daily. They need hardy and robust machines with larger capacities, and that's what you get when you opt for AAdvantage Laundry Systems washing machines and Dexter dryers. There are many benefits to choosing these, such as:


  • No large capital expenditures
  • Low Monthly Lease Rates
  • No costly repairs
  • Lower utility and water bills
  • Outstanding service
  • The lease is inclusive of all parts and service
  • Tax incentives may also be available on leased equipment

We are the “AAdvantage”

AAdvantage Laundry Systems works with only the top brands on the market, and with Dexter, there is no exception. Our washers and dryers allow you to:

  • Maximize available space
  • Have a dry-to-dry time of one hour, which means they are ideal for long term care communities that have large laundry loads to deal with every day.
  • Dexter washing machines help get your laundry done faster while being delicate on fabrics.
  • It is one of the most efficient ways to handle bulky items, improve wash quality, and enable you to make better use of soap and water.

If you are looking for a supplier with timely service and parts replacement, and an all-inclusive leasing program that takes the hassle from you and your team, AAdvantage Laundry Systems “CleanCare,” program is for you. For more information about our commercial laundry equipment for long term care communities, feel free to contact us.

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