Econ-O-Wash OPL

econowash topload washerEcon-O-Wash Top-load Commercial Washers for On-Premise Laundries Ideal for small load applications, Econ-O-Wash commercial top-load washers use less water than most toploads and are constructed for longevity.
  • Performance LevelLight-duty (4- to 6-cycles/day)
  • Available Capacities1 model (12-14 pounds)
  • Life-ExpectancyShort (5- to 7- years)
  • Control FlexibilityLimited
  • Performance Low (up to 710 RPM extract)
  • EfficiencyLow
  • InstallationSimple and Low Cost
  • PriceLow
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Durability econowash topload washer basketThe Econ-O-Wash top-load commercial washer is constructed for unmatched longevity. It features a durable porcelain enamel washtub, a scratch-resistant, hard-baked porcelain enamel top and lid, a heavy-duty, two-speed motor and a corrosion-resistant polypropylene pump—all wrapped up in a rugged galvanized steel cabinet! Energy Efficiency & High Spin Speed Unlike most home-style top-load washers, which guzzle around 40 gallons of water per load, the Econ-O-Wash top-load commercial washer is engineered to use just 27.3 gallons per load! By using less water, on-premise laundries significantly cut hot water consumption—saving energy and lowering utility costs! Moreover, the washer delivers 710 RPM spin speeds to remove more water from every load. At start-up the machine draws fewer amps—conserving additional electricity. Quality of the Wash The Econ-O-Wash top-load commercial washer features a curved, four-vane polypropylene agitator with a 210 degree agitator stroke—the longest in the industry. The machine’s lengthy stroke delivers increased wash action thereby generating superb wash results. Automatic Balance System econowash topload washer suspensionDesigned to automatically adjust out-of-balance loads, the Econ-O-Wash top-load commercial washer completes wash cycles quietly, smoothly and without interruption. The liquid-filled balance ring at the top of the tub and the washer’s advanced suspension design combine to eliminate interrupted wash cycles due to out-of-balance loads. The feature also eliminates the need for an out-of-balance switch! User-Friendly Control user friendly topload washer controlEcon-O-Wash makes it easy for laundry room attendants to select from several wash cycles. The user simply chooses a cycle – normal, permanent press, delicate or one of three unique energy-saving cycles – and presses start. The Econ-O-Wash top-load commercial washer offers three water temperature options for the wash cycle – hot, warm and cold – along with an indicator light that illuminates when the machine is in use.