Ozone Vended – The Best Coin-Operated Laundry System for your Business

by AAdvantage Laundry Systems

ozone vended – the best coin-operated laundry system for your business

As a laundromat owner, you want to purchase the best laundry equipment on the market. And if you’re looking for coin-operated machines, Articlean and Dexter are two great commercial machines which place equal importance on hygiene, budget, and quality.

Commercial laundry machines using ozone infused water has been proven to sanitize clothes as well as the machines themselves.  In addition, supporting statements from the CDC state that ozone infusion kills bacteria, mold and viruses.  Ozone cleaning eliminates strong odors included various smoke and pet odors while leaving clothes softer and without odor and leaves them more comfortable to the touch compared to the chemical- based method. Ozone-injection leaves each washing machine in like-new condition after every use, prolonging the life of the machines.

ozone vended – the best coin-operated laundry system for your business 1Here are some additional facts for ozone-infused water and washing machines:

  1. Removing harsh chemicals from laundry systems minimizes fabric wear and tear during a wash cycle. Wash times are quicker as well since fewer rinse cycles are required.
  2. Using ozone infused water with Dexter and Articlean machines, your laundromat provides the opportunity to promote your business as environmentally-friendly. This is a marketing edge for your laundry business.
  3. Commercial laundry machines that come with state-of-the-art gas removal systems are the best option as they ensure you and your laundromat’s safety by regularly removing any undissolved gas from the system.

Ozone laundry systems help maximum savings while retaining the quality standards needed for your facility. The result is a decrease in operating costs, a more environmentally friendly solution, and high-quality results. These are goals every laundromat owner/operator can enjoy.

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