omega 532x532

Precision Series® Folder/Cross-Folder

The Braun Folder/Cross-Folder provides high quality folding for items as large as 130” x 120” to as small as 12” x 12”. The Folder/ Cross-Folder automatically makes two primary folds, and up to three cross folds, keeping selvage edges neatly tucked inside the folded package. Configurations include a 1, 2, 3 lane model ideal for varying sizes of linens, a 4 lane and 5 lane configuration for processing multiple small pieces, and a single lane for larger items.


Opening to Receive Unit Overall Dimensions Shipping Dimensions Shipping Weight
Folder/Cross Folder* 74"(w) x 73"(h)
1088mm (w) x 1855mm (h)
136"(l) x 162"(w) x 73"(h)
3454mm (l) x 4115mm (w) x 1854mm (h)
144" (l) x 86” (w) x 78"(h)
3658mm (l) x 2184mm (w) x 1981mm (h)
3800 lbs
1723 Kg
Large Piece Stacker 32"(w) x 45"(h)
815mm (w) x 1145mm (h)
28"(l) x 128"(w) x 33"(h)
711mm (l) x 3251mm (w) x 838mm (h)
40"(l) x 91.5"(w) x 51"(h)
1016mm (l) x 2324mm (w) x 1295mm (h)
775 lbs
351 Kg
Small Piece 41"(w) x 43"(h) 132"(l) x 32"(w) x 30"(h) 143"(l) x 30”(w) x 38"(h) 695 lbs
Accumulator (Separate) 1040mm (w) x 1090mm (h) 3353mm (l) x 813mm (w) x 762mm (h) 3632mm (l) x 762mm (w) x 965mm (h) 315 Kg
Small Piece 74"(w) x 73"(h) 136"(l) x 162"(w) x 77"(h) 144"(l) x 86”(w) x 83"(h) 4495 lbs
Accumulator (Installed) 1088mm (w) x 1855mm (h) 3454mm (l) x 4115mm (w) x 1995mm (h) 3658mm (l) x 2184mm (w) x 2108mm (h) 2039 Kg

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