Sports Laundry Systems (SLS) – Protection From Infection With the Best Commercial Washer and Dryer

athletes on the field protected from infection with sports laundry systems, the best commercial washer and dryerDisinfected sports gear is directly responsible for the health and safety of your athletes. The health risks posed by viral and bacterial diseases such as HIV, MRSA, hepatitis, and now COVID-19 make it necessary to protect your sports teams through the Sports Laundry Systems (SLS).  It's among the only athletic laundry solution available to clean and disinfect laundry while preventing the spread of infection among athletes and her is why.

Numerous commercial washers and dryers are available for purchase, but what sets Sports Laundry Systems apart from them is that it combines the germ-busting power of ozone-infused water with washer-extractor speeds of up to 400 G. This functionality helps protect your athletes’ health.

Utilizing the hygiene benefits of ozone injections, the Sports Laundry Systems has proven to kill 99.9% of all pathogens because its speed cycles allow the ozone to combine with, break down, and diffuse organic particles, including soil, mold, and grease, all of which may contain disease-causing microbes.  The Sports Laundry Systems strictly regulates infusions to ensure that no damage is caused to the athletic gear while being disinfected.  The Sports Laundry Systems takes into account recommendations issued by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE), which claim that in-house helmet and pad cleaning is an essential step in curbing the spread of disease.

Naturally, when it comes to disinfecting, cleaning only some parts of the athletic gear, while dismissing others defeats the purpose. Therefore, with the Sports Laundry Systems, you can rest assured that all your athletes’ belongings, from jerseys, socks, and towels to helmets and pads, are taken care of!

The Sports Laundry Systems has high-performing drying tumblers that allow you to manage the controls by programming drying cycles. This feature helps you wash and dry gear as fast as you like, while simultaneously protecting it from mechanical wear and tear.  The SLS features rapid action washing and drying equipment which cuts down drying times by almost 50%!

With COVID-19 quickly gripping the world, athletes are more at risk of exposure to disease-causing mechanisms today than ever before. Protect them and their health by using the right athletic laundry equipment, pioneered by the Sports Laundry Systems.

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