Keep Your Athletes Healthy and Their Uniforms Looking Clean as New with Sports Laundry Systems from AAdvantage

Your school has a reputation to uphold. Your football team, especially in the South, is your brand. So clean uniforms make an impact when they take to the field. But did you also know that it is not just the clean that you see on the outside that is important?

Disinfecting your athletic equipment is essential for the health and safety of your athletes. Health risks abound with viral and bacterial diseases such as Covid-19, MRSA, and hepatitis, making it necessary to protect your team from workouts to game day. Sports Laundry Systems (SLS) can help.

Sports Laundry System’s equipment is designed to clean athletic gear, including jerseys, towels, pads, and more. These highly effective commercial washers and dryers are built based on the recommendations issued by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) and state that in-house helmet and pad cleaning is an essential step in curbing the spread of disease.

AAdvantage Laundry Systems is a leading distributor of Sports Laundry Systems throughout the South. We have offer hardmount and softmount commercial washers and dryers for both purchase or lease and several that are specifically designed for athletic teams. If you are not sure which type of system to select, our team can help.

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How are Sports Laundry Systems different from conventional washers and dryers?

What sets sports laundry systems apart from other commercial washers and dryers focuses on killing germs using ozone-infused water combined with a high-speed washer-extractor. With speeds of up to 400 G, excess water is removed from uniforms and equipment so that mold or other bacteria cannot form. Ozone laundry is proven to kill 99.9% of all pathogens because its speed cycles allow the ozone to combine with, break down, and diffuse organic particles, including soil, mold, and grease, all of which may contain disease-causing microbes. In addition, sensors in these machines prevent over-drying and reduce the risk of too much chemical or detergent from damaging them. This saves cost by reducing the amount of detergent used and reducing the amount of energy required to dry them.

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Multiple options available attuned to your sports programs specific needs.

Since they are purpose-built machines, Sports Laundry Systems provides commercial washers that are superior to others on the market today. They are available in multiple sizes that can be selected based on the specific need of your athletic program. In addition, these machines are highly programmable to provide peak efficiency and cleaning capabilities for your team. Continental makes several models of commercial washers to choose from, including:

  • Hard-mount (200G) Commercial Washers: 25lb., 33lb., 40lb., 55lb., & 70lb.
  • Soft-mount (350+ G Force) Commercial Washers: 20lb., 30lb., 40lb., 60lb., 70lb., 80lb., 90lb., 130lb., and 255lb.

Prevent Wear and Tear with Pro-Series Drying Tumblers.

Did you know that dryers can cause your gear to fall apart faster if not attuned to the type of gear? Wear and tear on your equipment can cost thousands to your athletic program every year. That’s why AAdvantage relies on the Pro-Series Drying Tumblers from Continental to handle the end disinfecting and drying process. These tumblers are available in several sizes, including 30, 40, 60, 65, 85, 125, and 175-pound capacities for the Pro-series single pocket drying tumblers and 60- and 90-pound capacities for the dual pocket options. All Pro-Series Dryers include programmable cycles, timed and auto-dry capabilities, moisture sensing (optional on some units), automatic lint screen reminders, anti-wrinkle, extended tumble features, and end-of-cycle alerts.

Protect your athletes, save on costs, and proudly exhibit your brand.

Do more with less. Speak to an AAdvantage representative today to understand how Sports Laundry Systems handle more laundry in less time; reduce water, energy, and detergent usage; lower chemical and utility costs; and assure athletic items are appropriately washed according to your standard.

Laundry Accessories

AAdvantage Laundry Systems offers the best coin laundry accessories to go with the best coin laundry equipment in the industry. Whether you are looking for something to help with the lint, need help with your washer-extractor’s drain, or have plenty of laundry to move from one place to another you have come to the right place.