Increased Hotel Occupancy and New Sanitation Requirements Make Top Performing Hotel Laundry Equipment a Must

increased hotel occupancy and new sanitation requirements make top performing hotel laundry equipment a must 1As of July 2021, hotel occupancy rates began to bounce back from their horrendous 2020 pandemic levels. According to data benchmarking firm STR, U.S. weekly hotel occupancy rates reached their highest level since October 2019. This hotel performance sample comprises 68,000 properties and 9.1 million rooms around the globe.

While it is good news for the hotel, hospitality, and catering industries, these increases in occupancy raise the bar for cleanliness. Changes to food safety, housekeeping, and guest check-in/checkout routines are required to support these standards and keep customers safe. One of the best ways cleanliness can be achieved is by improving your hotel laundry equipment.

Top Laundry Equipment to Meet New Sanitization Requirements

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has stated that the novel coronavirus can remain viable for several hours or days on materials such as bed sheets and towels. And while you may change your home bedding every week or two—at a hotel, linens and towels are sometimes used by 6-7 new guests each week. 

As a result, major hotel chains are now developing accreditation programs in areas like cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention to accommodate their guests better and keep them safe during their stay.

The Key to Cleaner Rooms Is a Reliable Laundry System

The new measures include (but are not limited to) using "hospital-grade" disinfectants in public spaces and guest rooms and cleaning high-touch areas more often. However, one thing that is not commonly known is that cleaning and safety are not always about using harsh chemicals.

When most people think white, clean, and sanitizing, they most likely think bleach. 

Yes, bleach might get the job done, but it is not always the optimal option. Bleach is a harsh chemical that damages your bedding and bathroom towels over time, and in large quantities, it is also unsafe to handle and inhale. 

There are, however, better, less damaging methods to clean and sanitize.

Introducing Ozone Laundry Systems for Efficient Cleaning

Ozone Laundry Systems and leading hotel laundry machine companies have been used for several years. They have proven to be a better, more cost-effective sanitizing method. 

Ozone laundry treatments are powerful, safe, prevent cross-contamination of laundry, and reduce operating costs.

How an Ozone Laundry System Works

AAdvantage uses the ArtiClean Ozone Laundry System due to its proven 40-year history in institutional laundry and over a decade of building and installing ozone laundry systems for several industries. 

The platform cleans linens and towels by ozonizing cold, non-ozonated water that flows into the wash process of the washing machine. The result is a 99.999% disinfection rate from bacteria, germs, and viruses, including the novel coronavirus.

More Effective Than Using Bleach

The system is more effective for sanitation than using bleach. In addition, it won't damage linen, towel, and uniform fabrics, extending their life by eradicating the harsh chemical treatments found in traditional wash products and the damage potentially caused by using hot water.

It's also safer because it does not produce any off-gas by-products. It reduces operating costs and energy usage due to lower gas and water consumption and shorter dryer times. It also decreases the need for hot water lowering the laundry room temperature and increasing your staff's comfort level.

Ozone Laundry and Dexter Commercial Washing Machines

We've partnered with the commercial laundry equipment manufacturer, Dexter. Dexter takes laundry management to a new level by providing top-notch technology and quality controls with their line of OPL laundry machines. They stand out in the market because of their flexibility. 

The Benefits of Dexter OPL Laundry Machines

Scale your Dexter OPL laundry machine based on the size of the laundry area or how much laundry you plan to do daily.

  • With adjustable capacity, multiple features, two different control choices, and much more, the OPL machine on-premise line offers a complete selection—making it easy to pick the right product based on your preferences and needs.
  • An industrial washer needs to meet high standards, and the Dexter 6-cycle washers take it a step further by reducing the cost of operation with increased water extraction per wash load. In addition, these washers come with multiple available settings and configuration options.
  • Boost productivity and aim for higher quality with the Dexter O-series machines. These machines are customizable to fit specific industries, with 20 available stages and 100+ programming options for each cycle. Models with additional heat settings and cycles are also available—ideal when extra control and precision are needed.

A reputation for being industry-leading is quite the seal of approval, and it is no surprise that these machines feature technologically advanced moisture detection systems and sophisticated features like fire response and integrated reporting systems.

Reliable Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support

All Dexter washers come with an extensive 10-year warranty for all major components, while a 5-year warranty covers their dryer components. Additionally, other parts are covered by a 3-year warranty, and you can always get in touch with Dexter and AAdvantage for unlimited technical support.

AAdvantage Is Ready For Your Call Today!

So, what is the next step to ensure your hotel's cleanliness? It is not just a PR program but an actionable system that includes check-in/checkout programs, employee training, touchless platforms, and hotel laundry equipment systems designed specifically around killing bacteria and germs.

AAdvantage is a Dexter Authorized Distributor and expert in ozone laundry systems. We can analyze how to make your laundry facility more efficient, cleaner, and more comfortable for your employees and support your overall sanitation program. 

Contact our team to discover how we can help you meet the support and profitability goals you need with the quality your guests expect.

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