Upgrading Your Laundromat- 4 Easy Steps on How to Retool Refresh

Purchasing an existing coin laundry and upgrading it with new, more efficient commercial laundry equipment is a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for a viable, recession-proof business. Retooling your laundromat is an effective way to enhance your customers’ experience, while increasing profits, customer loyalty, and branding.  Whether you want to update your existing store, franchise, or open your very first laundromat, AAdvantage Laundry Systems has the expertise to assist you in developing a sustainable and profitable laundry business.

Location Matters

Investing in a vended laundry is a smart way to increase your portfolio and earn a steady income year over year. Vended laundries consistently show excellent ROIs as operators report 20 to 35 percent returns. The location of the business has a direct relationship with the store’s profitability.  The preferred laundromat location would be one that is on a high traffic road, has great visibility, and plenty of parking. Also, look for complementary businesses that target similar clientele. Stand-alone buildings are ideal, but strip centers with grocery, auto parts, and check cashing stores make excellent neighbors.  Be sure to check out the competition surrounding a potential location. Do your due diligence by visiting existing laundromats, and multi-housing laundry facilities in the area so you know your competition.

Upgrading Commercial Laundry Equipmentupgrading your laundromat- 4 easy steps on how to retool refresh 1

There have been major improvements in commercial laundry equipment over the last decade, and modern washers and dryers consume much less water and energy than older equipment. Operators are surprised by how much more profitable stores become when you install new energy-efficient commercial laundry equipment. Your customers will also benefit from new high-speed washers and express dryers that clean and dry linen in less than an hour. This is a win-win situation that increases profitability, decreases utility costs, and improves customer loyalty.

Flexible Financing

Funding partners such as Dexter Finance Services (DFS) have flexible financing programs designed especially for laundromat owners.  Current promotions allow operators to defer payments for 3 months and to finance capital for extended terms on reliable Dexter Laundry equipment.  By choosing AAdvantage Laundry Systems, entrepreneurs receive a fantastic bundle of equipment, financing, and industry expertise that is simply unmatched.  And because DFS understands the laundry industry, they have high approval rates to get operators into the vended laundry of their dreams.

Promote Your Laundromat

Before your grand opening (or grand re-opening) it’s time to spread the word!  New signs, posters, and paint are excellent ways to give a laundromat strong curb appeal and a fresh look inside. However, physical store marketing is just the start.  Studies show the biggest impact, can be made by establishing your store online.  This digital marketing can range from setting up profiles on social media to paid search ads on Google.  In addition, operators report excellent results from direct mail campaigns such as flyers and postcards promoting specials to customers in the area.

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