Vended, Mobile Pay and Coin Operated Laundry Equipment for RV Parks

RV and mobile home parks attract millions of people annually and are profitable for the park and property owners. One of the critical challenges is the ability to attract and retain patrons continually. Attracting them requires a marketing plan of their own. You can partner with RV dealerships, participate in local events, and promote social media incentives and other options. However, one of the critical factors in marketing and retention is to offer amenities that make your property stand out. Apart from community kitchens and showers, there is no better way to separate your property from the rest than to offer modern, on-site
laundry facilities.


Not all have laundry equipment for RV parks on site. The ones who do not have enough equipment to service their residents may not have a maintenance/services partner who can be on-site quickly to make repairs. This can leave residents despondent and looking to go off-site for laundry. No patron wants to spend their time waiting in line for a machine. On-site facilities provide simplicity and convenience and offer you a stream of continual income. It also provides excellent comfort for your patrons on the road, allowing you to accommodate their needs.

Selecting The Best Laundry Machines for RV Parks

Selecting the best laundry machines for RV parks involves considering several factors, such as durability, ease of use, maintenance requirements, and compatibility with various payment systems. Here are some of the top options for Vended, Mobile Pay, and Coin Operated Laundry machines suitable for RV parks:

When selecting laundry machines for an RV park, consider the following factors:

  • Durability: Machines should withstand frequent use and potential misuse.
  • Energy Efficiency: Look for machines with high energy and water efficiency ratings to save on utility costs.
  • Ease of Use: Machines should be user-friendly for guests of all ages.
  • Payment Options: Offering multiple payment options (coins, mobile pay, card) can cater to a wider range of guests.
  • Maintenance and Support: Choose brands that offer good customer support and easy access to replacement parts.

By considering these factors and choosing from the recommended brands, you can ensure a reliable and efficient laundry solution for your RV park.

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Key Features to Look for in Today Laundry Machines for RV Parks

Laundry facilities can increase your revenue stream…if done correctly. As with most RV parks, your shared laundry space should be as efficient as possible. That means handling large loads quickly and efficiently. It also requires keeping your water and utility costs in check. Here are a few things to look for


Large Capacity for Varied Loads

When on the move, people pack for all sorts of weather conditions. Also, residents will most likely do laundry every one to two weeks. This requires the capacity to handle bulky large loads. When selecting a laundry machine, capacity is everything. It can include anything from clothing and towels to linens and sleeping bags.


Designed for Dependability

Regardless of the size of your property, you need machines your residents can count on and the cleaning results they expect. Maytag is known nationwide for its reliability. That is why Maytag offers great warrantees on its equipment. And, with AAdvantage on-site repair services and leasing programs, we can also take the headache out of managing the equipment.


Customized Wash Cycles for Ultimate Control

Maytag machines used for laundry equipment in RV parks have advanced programmability options to provide patrons with complete control over their laundry. User-friendly controls allow individuals to adjust water temperature, water level, prewash selections, rotation action, and rinse numbers.


Go Cashless. Go Mobile. Go Simplify.

Selecting a card-based or app-based payment method, you can eliminate the need for patrons to carry coins, giving you up-to-date reporting. The more convenient you make it for your tenants, the more they will spend. Using app-based and card-based payment systems, you are allowing for contactless payments and additional security. Convenient and practical.

Are You Looking To Upgrade Your Current Laundry Facility?

Already have a laundry facility at your park and looking to upgrade? We offer fantastic financing rates as low as 4.99% for up to 36 months on Maytag machines and other options as well.

We also offer our innovative “RightRoute” solution. “RightRoute” allows AAdvantage Laundry Systems to install new coin/card operated equipment into your laundry for your residents or guests with no capital outlay and no service costs. AAdvantage maintains the ownership and repair of the equipment and splits all the earned revenue with you. Lower your water and utility bills, increase your ROI, and get improved resident satisfaction. A win-win for everyone.

We also understand each community's unique needs and provide customized programs to help you create a profitable laundry center program perfect for you and your residents. We have a large variety of equipment (including Maytag machines). Our industry-leading technology and several payment systems can fit almost any need.

Contact us today to maximize the impact of your laundry center and boost your ancillary revenue. Your residents will appreciate it too.

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