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on-premise commercial laundry equipment from dexter for hotels and motelsYou can’t afford to have your washers and dryers non-operational. We stock our warehouse with parts from several leading brands to ensure we have them when you need them. Eliminate downtime and make AAdvantage Laundry Systems your first stop for all your needs.

To help you understand the elements that may go wrong with your coin-operated washer or dryer, we’ve put together a quick reference article for your reference

Washing Machine Drain Valves

Proper drainage for your washing machine is crucial to its operation. If your commercial washing machine has trouble draining correctly, you might need to replace the drain valve or accompanying components. While these seldom need replacing, age and hard water sometimes result in irreparable damage for which there is no other solution.

Fortunately, AAdvantage has all of the laundry washer parts you need in stock and ready for install on your commercial units. The value is that we carry valves from several laundry parts manufactures, such as Dexter, Maytag, Speed Queen, and more, so even if you did not purchase your equipment from us, we likely still have what you need in stock.

We have produced this video to help you with your install, but note that since the electrical voltage is present inside of every machine, make sure a qualified service person does all service and troubleshooting

Dryer Control Boards

Although the electrical outlet might be working and the power cord is connected, an electronic control board for your laundry dryer parts may need replacement. Since the dryer electronic control board handles all of the components of the dryer and operates the appliance cycle times, it may be tough to identify the control board as the problem’s source.

Without seeing apparent damage to the board itself, you should have a local dryer repair expert, like those at AAdvantage, conduct an advanced diagnostic test to determine if that is the problem. Our experts can run several exams and, if needed, replace the board with a manufacturer-approved replacement part.

Dryer Ignition Controllers

A current flows through a gas dryer’s ignitor. At that point, the ignitor creates heat that lights a gas flame within the burner assembly. The air is then heated by the flame and travels via the blower housing and into the dryer drum. Devices, including flame sensors, thermostats, fuses, coils, or solenoids, together work to generate the heat needed to dry your laundry. If any of these devices fail, the ignitor will not ignite the gas. If the dryer ignition controller goes out, it could be a problem with any of these coin laundry parts:

  • Blown Thermostats or Thermal Fuses
  • Burned-Out Ignitor
  • Flame Sensor Failure
  • Gas Valve Coils
  • Solenoid or Gas Valve

Water Inlet Valves

The washing machine has a part called the water inlet valve that connects the hot and cold water hoses to the appliance and controls the flow of water. Without it, your machine will not fill adequately.

There are two threaded ports on the water inlet valve. Each connect to hot and cold hoses at the back of the machine. The ports are operated by a solenoid valve that sends electricity to open and close the flow of cold and hot water. Failures in the water inlet valve may cause a washer to not fill properly, fail to work, or wash at the wrong water temperature.

Repairing the valve would not be cost-effective even if you clean the ports to restore the flow of water. Replacing a broken valve is not difficult but should be done with parts from an authorized distributor, like AAdvantage.

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