Best Commercial Washer and Dryer for Laundromat Business in South US

Are you looking to start a laundry business?

Aadvantage Laundry offers a range of world-class laundry solutions you need to set up a successful laundromat. 

For years, we have worked with Dexter Manufacturers to offer you a full line of commercial coin-operated laundry equipment to suit all your laundry needs. 

Top Brands We Work With

Additional Brands we Recommend for Commercial Coin and Vended Laundry Equipment



Econ-O Laundry

LG Commercial

Reasons for Investing in Laundromat Business

1. High returns of up to 60% ROI

2. Higher success and survival rate

3. Low management and maintenance Cost

4. Immediate cash return

5. Unlimited growth opportunitie