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The Worldwide Leader of Automated Garment Sorting, Storage and Retrieval Systems

White Conveyors began business to help the dry cleaning and laundry businesses back in 1944. Since starting out, the firm has designed built and installed more than 100,000 conveyors in the United States and throughout the world. The list of laundry products made, installed and serviced by White Conveyors is listed below. You can visit the Products section of this website and see the specific specs for each of these products. The products fall into the following areas of service: sorting, transport, and storage systems.


Manual Sort

Sort on Belt

Sort on Slings


Cart Dumpers

Track Conveyors

Slider Bed Conveyors


Monorail Sling Storage

Linen Storage Rails

Automated Tunnel Loading

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Dispat-U-Veyor is the leader in mechanical sorting conveyor systems. With a capacity of handling 1,200 pieces per hour, sorting up to 36 stations, this unique product has a 40 year record of success. A Dispat-U-Veyor system is easily applied in any garment handling operation and can be used in many light-duty hangered item delivery systems.

Hangers are placed on selected hooks, which correspond to discharge stations. Traveling perpendicular to the path of travel, items are discharged by passing a mechanical probe. It is that simple.



Durable tubular designed conveyor for transporting medium-duty loads
Ideal for steam tunnels, garment transport manufacturing and general material handling
Flexible design with various options available
Reduces labor and engineered for durability



Hydraulic Cart Dumpers

The Speed Check Conveyor Hydraulic End Cart Dumpers and Side Cart Dumpers are designed to work with a Meese 72-P, Dandux 51-2401 bulk soiled linen truck (or an equivalent). The adjustable stops allow carts of different heights ranging from 43” to 77” to be used. The Cart Dumper raises the bulk delivery truck and its load to an infinite number of positions to allow the material to be delivered from the truck to a sort table or belt conveyor at a controlled rate. The Cart Dumper uses the power of hydraulics to raise and lower a truck.


Slider Bed Belt Conveyor

The Speed Check Slider Bed Belt Conveyors have been designed to meet industrial standards with solutions specifically for the laundry industry. Whether for soil sorting systems, material transfer needs or clean material handling requirements, we can provide the right product. Depending on your need and application, Speed Check offers a variety of conveyor widths, conveyor lengths, conveyor-belt materials, and configurations for level or incline operation. Speed Check also supplies controls packages from simple manual push-button control to complex automated PLC control.

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upi firerated



For properties with 500 to over 20,000 employees, the U-Pick-It Automated Uniform / Locker Bag Storage and Retrieval System eliminates the need for large employee locker rooms. It provides a secure environment for personal belongings and frees up valuable space for more productive use.


Total Inmate Property Storage

TIPS is a custom engineered solution to meet your needs. The system is completely modular and very flexible. It can be designed to fit your building, your volume and your budget. TIPS is designed to save space - it does away with aisles and stationary pipe racks as well as bulky traditional storage systems. TIPS can save 40 - 70% of the floor space when it replaces traditional storage systems. And, if you mount it from the ceiling, most of your floor space is available for other uses. The Total Inmate Property Storage (TIPS) system can be designed to meet any capacity requirements. This applies for light to extra heavy duty applications. White Conveyors components can handle property bags with up to 30 pounds capacity.