Why High School Athletic Programs Should Use Sports Laundry Equipments & Systems

If there’s one thing nearly every sport has in common, it’s that athletes and their attire get dirty. Even sports like basketball that are primarily played indoors, athletes perspire heavily. This perspiration – combined with any other soils that may make their way onto or into athletic clothing or gear – make it very difficult to get that gear clean and keep it that way.

Investing in a Laundry System Built for Sports

One of the primary reasons many athletics programs decide to invest in their own laundry facilities and equipment is because the needs of their athletes are both greater and more specialized than those of the average person’s laundry. From ground-in grass stains to sweat that seems to stink even after several washes, there is no end to the challenges faced by those laundering for a sports team. Doing so at home can be difficult if you’re using traditional laundering equipment; doing so at a laundromat can become expensive very quickly. The best way to save money in the long-run and ensure your team’s clothes are always clean is to create your own laundry facility. Outfit it with washers and dryers that can handle the mess your team makes – and stop dragging baskets of stinky gear to the laundromat. Sports Laundry Systems cuts overall water usage by up to 51 percent when compared with other laundry solutions. It also cuts hot water usage by at least 30 percent! The dryers also feature Linen Life Extension which prolongs the life of the jerseys and linen. LLE prevents over-drying by shutting off automatically at the correct moister retention setting.

Prevent Health and Safety Concerns, Too

Ensuring your team has clean clothing and gear isn’t just about looking and smelling better. By using ozone technology you’re also preventing the spread of MRSA and staph infections and keeping bacteria and viruses at bay. These can be present in perspiration and can cause serious health and safety risks to individual athletes and your entire team. Clean laundry doesn’t just make your team look great on the field or court – it will keep them healthy and safe off of it, too! AAdvantage Laundry Systems mission is to provide our customers with the best equipment in the industry, for the best price possible.  For more information about sports laundry equipment, contact the industry experts at AAdvantage Laundry Systems. We have the tools you need to keep your team looking – and feeling – great!